In terms of surfaces we go into depth !

Together with our equipased partners we implement almost every surface finishing for your fixing elements. Here you will find the most common ones.


Chromating usually represents a postprocessing after zinc coating. If possible we prefer health- and environment preserving coatings that are free from Chrome VI.

Chromating transparent

Chrome VI-free, hovever, there is only little corrosion protection.

Chromating Blue

Available at both with or without Chrome VI. Light blue colour, also here the corrosion protection is hardly incisive.


Chromating Yellow

Is popular in its use because of its good and less expensive corrosion protection. In a number of application areas, however, it is no longer allowed because of its content of Chrome VI. Its colouring often seems unregular.

Chromating Black

Medium intense corrosion protection, available with or without Chrome VI.