In terms of surfaces we go into depth !

Together with our equipased partners we implement almost every surface finishing for your fixing elements. Here you will find the most common ones.

Zinc Coating

By means of zinc coating your screw respectively your fixing element is protected against corrosion. The zinc layer itself, however, is gradually exposed to white rust. By an expert post-treatment like chrome coating this creation of white rust can be delayed.

Hot-Dip Galvanising

We do hot-dip galvanizations ourselves. Thereby the component is coated by a massive zinc coat by dipping it into a zinc cast of a temperature of 450°C. This process is best suited for small parts and single parts. Abnormalities in the zinc coat are not totally excluded.


Sherardising: In a rotating cylinder at temperatures from 320°C to 500°C the material of the component mingles with zinc powder. This process guaranties a very regular and smooth zinc layer and therefore a particularly safe corrosion protection.

Galvanising Zinc Coating

At galvanising zinc coating the material is dipped into a zinc electrode. The thickness of the layer is proportional to the thickness and duration of the electricity flow.