We implement your Know-how. We protect your Know-how.

We implement your Know-how. We protect your Know-how. -
Special gemetries and shapes or special lengths, modified or newly designed from scratch: We fabricate screwed or non-screwed linking systems only for you and exclusively for you processing requirements:

In our widely set up customised manufacturing there are a lot of chances hidden for our customers: At which innovative projects of an innovative fixing technique only get practicable with. Or at which custom-made linking systems make your product or service be more time-saving  – and therefore more effective, economical and more competitive.

With an experience expert staff, fixing technical know-how being state of the art and various possibilities of metal processing we implement for you whatever is technically feasible: as a modification of existing DIN-Norm screws or norm linking systems or as a total new construction from scratch.

Developping, Prototyping,Testing -

Developping, Prototyping,Testing

We like to be with you at the development of your custom-made screw or your non-screwed connection. Whereever we get in uncharted waters, we will carefully test the result by means of initial samples and prototypes. This will save you and your customers any risks and will give you planning reliability for the production.
Production -


We will produce your custom-made fixing system of such a high quality and supply (and store) it as flexible as we are used to it from Schmid Schrauben.
Reliable Protection of your Know-how -

Reliable Protection of your Know-how

All the Know-how inside your custom-made fixing system is regarded as a substantial value base – for you as well as for ourselves: Accordingly carefully we will protect it, and accordingly discretely we will handle it.