Label Power – well packed

Label Power – well packed -

Packings with your logo at the wholesale, a well considered packing- and self service system at home improvement stores: This is how to generate label power out of Schmid Schrauben. With a number of variousities - from an enviromentally friendly nauture cardboard to synthetic bags, with intelligent and user friendly design, Schmid screws provide sustainable quality and orientation towards customers requirements from the very beginning of packing.
Packings with your Logo -

Packings with your Logo

Individual packing design respectively your printed Logo will make every Schmid-screw to your schrew and the quality advantage of Schmid screws will be your quality advantage.

1. different Falt possibilities are feasible (opening type, with/without chute)

2. environmental - upgrade your packing by means of an environment label 

3. your individual print  - colour and layout acc. to your ideas

4. etiquette - Design acc. to your desires
Self Service System in Home Improvement Stores -

Self Service System in Home Improvement Stores

The complete EAN-coded product range in uniform packing sizes including a loose sale of screws with a simple backup filling from cardboard boxes, a colour coded scales-system to a childishly easy self-service: Screw sales could not be organised easier (and more costs saving) than with the Schmid small package programm for craftsmen and home improvers !