New concept for DIY at Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld-

New concept for DIY at Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld

After many successful years, it is time for Schmid Schrauben to revise the existing system and make it more modern.

It goes without saying that important environmental aspects should not be missing in this realignment. Our goal is to offer sustainable solutions that will be in tune with the times in a few years.

Four package sizes to choose from

In addition to the packaging sizes of large packs, small packs and open goods, Schmid Schrauben is now also offering a mini-pack. This is specifically intended where open goods are not possible due to space or organizational reasons.

The special thing about the mini-pack is the packaging itself. It consists of 100% cardboard and thus dispenses with unnecessary plastic packaging.

New categories - more overview

By simply reducing the complexity, eight colors (which determine the price per kilo) now become a simple concept that is based on product categories.

The categories are:

  • Wood - YELLOW
  • Metric - BLUE
  • Sheet metal - RED
  • Accessories - WHITE
  • Stainless steel - GRAY

Orientation aids - near and far

In addition to the new overhead notices and the vertical panels for the categories, there will be separate panels for each product group that guide the way to the desired product. This helps the customer to find the item they are looking for quickly.

Decision-making and selection made easy

"Do I need a countersunk head or a washer head?"
"How is the length of the screw measured?"
"How long is the screw that I brought from home?"

All these questions are answered with the new help bar.

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