New robot for our mechanical engineering apprentices

New robot for our mechanical engineering apprentices

The topic of Industry 4.0 is a hot one – and it doesn′t pass by Schmid Schrauben either. Capitalising on ever new possibilities in production, we regularly improve our systems. Our apprentices are also involved in these process changes, being able to actively participate and prove their skills.

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Blendon, a mechanical engineering apprentice in the 1st year of training, is currently looking into programming the new robot and – together with his colleagues from the apprentice workshop – is tasked with preparing the robot to be used in ongoing operation.

“The most exciting thing about my apprenticeship is programming the robot and the fact that the company puts so much trust in me for such an important task.”
– Blendon, 1st year mechanical engineering apprentice

As a first step, the robot will be used in the Packaging Department at the Hainfeld headquarters. There, it is supposed to support the employees with putting the ready packed screws into frames for dispatch. For our packaging employees, the robot’s great advantage is that they no longer have to lift ever single box into the frames individually, thus putting less strain on their backs.


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