Our apprentice Iris visits Rondo Ganahl

Our apprentice Iris visits Rondo Ganahl

Iris is an industrial clerk apprentice in the 2nd year and tells us about her visit to Rondo Ganahl.

In the course of my training, I visited Rondo – a cardboard supplier – in St. Ruprecht an der Raab together with my colleagues from the Purchasing Department.

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After being welcomed by General Manager Mr. Pucher and the Office Sales Staff Manager (Deputy Sales Manager) Mr. Kaisermaier, we received an overview in the form of a presentation about Rondo. 

During a tour of the factory, following the production line, we were provided with an overview of the complex processes behind cardboard manufacturing.
Another exciting part of our tour was a stop at the Prototype Building Department where we were able to watch the designers at work.

During the concluding lunch I was furthermore able to get information on Rondo’s apprentice training programme which was illustrated in detail by Mr. Pucher.


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