Photovoltaic at Schmid Schrauben-

Photovoltaic at Schmid Schrauben

Schmid Schrauben is well on the way to becoming part of the solution and not of the problem in terms of sustainability. While many small individual steps have already been taken in the last few months and years (flower meadows, reverse osmosis system, breaking open previously sealed surfaces), the new photovoltaic system is now a very important step further.

The Ökovolt company, a specialist in large PV systems, has installed 2080 PV modules with a total area of 3500 m² and a maximum output of 700 kWp in the last few weeks. This makes the Schmid screw PV system currently one of the largest private PV systems in Lower Austria.

Highly efficent modules from AKCOME

The particular challenge for the implemented system was the basin layer by Schmid Schrauben, which was solved with highly efficient modules from AKCOME. The new system will cover 12% of Schmid Schrauben′s electricity needs at its maximum output, which means that annual electricity costs can be reduced by around € 65,000. This system saves up to 300 tons of CO2 annually.

12 car chargers for visitors and employees

How much electricity is currently being produced by the system and how much CO2 has already been saved can be read on the monitor at the reception in Hainfeld. In addition to the PV panels, 12 charging stations were also built at the new customer parking lot, which are available to visitors and employees of Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld.

Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld - industry can be sustainable as well


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