Sustainable apprentice excursion

Sustainable apprentice excursion

The first excursion of 2019 took place in the spring. Together with their trainers, our apprentices from Sales and Trades went to Brantner Österreich GmbH, a recycling and logistics company located in Krems, where it was founded.

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At the start, Operations Manager Mr. Zink provided a brief and exciting insight into the company’s history and an overview with current facts and figures.

After that, our guided tour through the manufacturing section started. During this tour, we learned how important proper handling of waste in one’s own company is and what actually happens to it. Furthermore, we realised that it is necessary to reduce waste.
We got to view several sorting machines, how white is separated from coloured plastic and paper from cardboard. Furthermore how electrical devices are disposed of and handled.

This company visit was very informative for us since proper disposal is one of our company’s top priorities.

As a memento of this apprentice excursion we received a mini waste basket from Brantner.

We would like to thank Brantner Österreich GmbH for the opportunity to get a detailed impression of the disposal channel.

Our excursion ended with a tasty lunch.


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