This is how we get metal in form

Whether bolts or other linking elements: With our know-how in hot- and cold forming we realise even technically sophisticated projects at economic costs.

Today metal formin offers a lot of possibilities. What was possible only by metal cutting formerly, can be done in a forming process nowadays. In this way cost savings potentials up to 60 % can be put into effect.
An advantage which particularly comes to turn with batch sizes from 5.000 pcs.

Cold-forming -


Hereby the higher lot size of machinery and the lower material costs come into effect. With our cold-forming we can provide diameters from 3 mm to 24 mm and lengths of up to 1.500 mm, according to machinery type and product requirements. 

Hot-forming -


When cold-forming does not get any further, we have the possibility to accomplish sophisticated forming processes in our own hot-forming pressing plant. This is where we can produce linking elements of a diameter of up to 30 mm and a length of up to 600 mm.

Chipping post-processing

In an post-processing chipping process some more specific product features like e.g. crosswise holes, pointing, grooving etc. can be added to the component. Our most various chipping process possibilities can be found under the link Chipping processes