Promised. Kept.

We do not only sell screws, we are producing them: according to certificate quality norms, in series production as well as in customised production. That means: We do not only have it in our hand what we promise you - but also how we keep it.

ISO 9001

Constantly high quality of Schmid screws for your constant image as a quality supplier.

Our quality assurance department is equipped with the most modern measuring and test equipment, which provide us with highly exact value data e.g. in the analysis of basic material. RAPID®- and StarDrive GPR®- screws are manufactured by us at the highest quality level and zero-defect goal. By use of our ISO 9001-certification we do not only provide a high-grade quality but also a reliable quality. And if your customers do not only set value on technical quality alone: With our ISO 14001 we also fulfill future criterias of a social and ecologic sustainability.

Our ISO 9001 certificate can be found here. 

management manual

Our management manual comprises our company policy and our company guide lines.
It describes the essential processes and procedures in our company

The manual can be downloaded here (german).