Before. Screw. And afterwards.

Because we are widely set up as a manufacturer, you can set your requirements on us widely too:
From consulting via the product to the packing. We do all that in one house. Therefore promptly and with system.

The entire world of the screw

From the technical design of the screws and customised packings to well considered self-service system for home improvement store customers: Our screw has got a system 
  • You have specific requirements for your attachment projects ? We develop the suitable attechment product: technically on the spot, at minimal costs.
  • Or are your plans ready for implementation ? We implement them into products – in small lots like in series.
  • You want your screw to wear your label ? We will modify each screw delivered by you in a way that it is going to be unmistakable. Or we pack them in cardboards which will carry your label. 
  • And if you need screws in retail which will "sell themselves": Our scales-based self-service system sets the benchmark in terms of simplicity and efficiency.