FUTURE! Because we believe in it!

From fair wages and working conditions to a 100 % environmental packing system.
At Schmid Schrauben we believe in the future. And that is why we take it very serious, whatever our future will demand.

ISO 14001: Our commitment to sustainability

Demanding sustainability is one thing, living it is another thing ! At  Schmid Schrauben we are living sustainability by system – certified according to the international environment management norm ISO 14001.

  • We commit to those high social and environmental standards at the production lacation Austria.
  • We fabricate our products according to strictly ethic and ecologic requirements: from acquiring raw materials and pre-manufactured products to the packing in environmental cardboard boxes.
  • We provide an environmental waste disposal of all accumulating waste and litter in ouir production.

Here can be found our ISO 14001 certificate.

Our Statement to REACh, RoHS, conflict minerals (in German).

ISO 50001: Focus on energy saving

Operational energy management system allows energy savings of some 25%.

As an ISO 50001 certified company, our sustainable and rational use of energy, and prevention of energy wastage is a key concern.
We monitor and constantly assess our energy flows and their efficient use. This gives us the basis for organisational and technical measures to improve energy efficiency.
Using this transparent energy management process, we aim to identify potential energy savings and thus keep the impact on the environment as low as possible.

Here can be found our ISO 50001 certificate (german).