Christmas greetings from the world of screws

Christmas greetings from the world of screws -
At first glance, there is little in common between screws and home-made Christmas biscuits. However, a closer look at the manufacturing steps is sufficient for any home baker to get an understanding our screw production:

Starting stock
The starting stock or material for Christmas biscuits is the dough. And just as with screws, the composition of the individual ingredients (flour, eggs, sugar, etc.) is adjusted according to the required taste.

Material preparation
In the case of vanilla crescents, for example, the dough must be rolled out to the desired diameter, just as in the case of our screws.

The biscuit cutter works on a similar principle to our screw production: by applying pressure, the dough is pressed into the required shape.

Just as with the tools in screw production, the quality of the finished biscuits is dependent on the biscuit cutter: if it is too blunt or does not fit the shape, the result is unsatisfactory.

Heat treatment
After shaping, biscuits must be "set hard" in the oven to make them long-lasting, exactly like our screws.

Coating and finishing
Both Christmas biscuits and screws are usually "embellished" further after hardening. Using sugar, chocolate or icing as well as flaked almonds or sprinkles, a suitable refinement can be created for almost every taste. Similarly with our screws, we can produce many different surfaces according to customer requirements.

In attractive packaging the finished Christmas biscuits and our screws are well protected and ready for use when needed - over the Christmas break or in timber construction.

Christmas greetings from the world of screws -
With these thoughts in mind, Schmid Schrauben wishes you a Merry Christmas, a restful festive season with your loved ones and a good start to the new year in 2017.

PS: For the appropriate musical accompaniment without prompting, here we have provided the lyrics of "Stille Nacht" (Silent Night) as a reminder for you to read and print out.