Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018

At the beginning of 2018, we sent out an electronic questionnaire asking you to rate our performance and thereby also help us improve our service in the future.

The response rate to this survey was overwhelming, and your rating for our work is a positive endorsement of the efforts of all our employees. Hardly surprising is the high importance you place on the quality of the products, the packaging and quality assurance. Your very good ratings in this respect may allow us some degree of pleasure. Similarly, the positive evaluation of our employees with direct customer contact is an incentive for us to continue to strive for this level of service.

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018 -
Despite all the positive feedback, we do not wish to also overlook your critical comments and will therefore be launching projects to correct the weaknesses in these aspects, especially in the areas of logistics, marketing and electronic services.

In order to see that we are keeping on the right track in the future, we will be conducting the customer satisfaction survey once a year. Natural, whether positive or negative, we also look forward to receiving feedback from you during the year, as this is the only way we can actively work on improvements for you.

Some Key Results of the Survey:
96% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with us as a supply partner.
86% of our customers consider it important or very important that the products used come from Austria or Europe.
93% of customers consider it important or very important to uphold to socially acceptable standards in production;
And for compliance with environmental standards it is even 94%.