Special Features of the New ETA at SSH

Special Features of the New ETA at SSH -
Our new European Technical Assessment (ETA) replaces our old ETA and has been valid since 03.11.2017. ETA is a generally accepted certification for construction products and is valid in the member states of the EU. The most important new features in our new ETA are briefly listed below:

Service Class 3:
In the new ETA, our hot-dip galvanised fasteners and stainless steel fasteners are approved for service class 3. This means that these screws may be used outdoors for façades, terraces, railings or fences.

Special Features of the New ETA at SSH -
Higher Mechanical Strength Values:
Our washer head screws, with significantly higher head pull-through parameters, offer an important advantage compared to competitive products. In particular, our RAPID® SuperSenkFix now has a further 30% higher values for head through-pull. Similarly, with slip modulus, our screws now have values that are twice as high, which give our customers opportunities for savings with respect to static loadings. Furthermore, we are the only manufacturer to guarantee a bending angle greater than 45°. With full thread screws, we offer impressive bending properties of 90°.

Our premium screws are also newly approved as a transverse or supporting reinforcement or for breakouts on timber beams.

Our entire range of screws can also be used – with pre-drilling – for hardwoods with a density > 540kg/m³. Our RAPID® Hardwood may be used, completely without pre-drilling, in beech construction timber as well as hardwood and sets a new standard.

Innovative Geometries:
Our new ETA offers the potential to use combinations of our screws in a more flexible modular way. Using a variety of head shapes and thread geometries, a wide range of different combinations can be put together and be immediately classified as a construction product with CE certification.

Of particular note are the new flat head coach screws and optimised compression versions. Furthermore, we have developed a new screw head and drive, which has a better fit due to the special shape of the bit and thus can be easily screwed “one-handed”.

With these changes in our ETA, we are confident of working as a reliable and innovative supply partner and of continuing to deliver at the cutting edge.