New ETA approval for our timber-concrete solution

New ETA approval for our timber-concrete solution -
Since February 2019 Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld is offering a new ETA-Approval for RAPID® T-Con screws. The new ETA replace the former DIBt-Approval, CE replaces the Ü-Mark. The new ETA is valid across all European countries without any timed determination.

The basis for the new ETA are many test from recognized institutes. The results bring new remarkable improvements – e.g. in the thickness of concrete needed. By using our T-Con screws it is possible to reduce the concrete thickness from 70mm to only 50mm – a saving of almost 30%!

Additionally our RAPID® T-Con allows flexible approved solutions on how to arrange the screws in your project.

New ETA approval for our timber-concrete solution -
We also provide a software solution for our T-Con screws. If you are interested please send <This e-mail address is protected against spam bots, you have to activate JavaScript in your browser to see it.> You could also send a calculation request for your project using our request form (this can be found to download on the right hand side button).

If you created individual marketing material of our products please remove the old Ü-Mark and number Z-9.1-845. National approvals must not be extended. Therefore also the “old”: Z-9.1-435, Z-9.1-509 and Z-9.1-564 are no longer valid. We will replace these marks by the ETA-12/0373 within the next weeks.