New opportunities in quality inspection

New opportunities in quality inspection -
Quality means more than just good, technically functional products. Quality also means that the delivered parts correspond to the ordered products and the description of the goods on the packaging. In particular, in areas of fully automatic screw production, precision is a prerequisite.

As a result of the increased requirements, we have invested in machinery and substantially improved the existing options of our sorting process. New control technology and two camera systems now monitor sorting and ensure that we can meet both our own high standards and your expectations. With our new technology, we can fulfil an error rate of a maximum of 50 ppm (parts per million) and therefore to a highly accurate level.

And for you that means:
  • More precise control of thread diameter,
  • Higher precision in thread pitch and angle,
  • More precise control of cracks in the screw head,
  • And even more with an accuracy of 0.2mm
We are certain you will soon appreciate the new opportunities as much as we do.

New opportunities in quality inspection -