Structural refurbishment at Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld

Structural refurbishment at Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld -
We must confess that parts of our production halls are now getting a bit long in the tooth and, following construction of the North (logistics) and South (furnace hall / hardening shop) halls, the next big step for the premises now lies ahead. Over the next two years, parts of the old halls will be demolished in the heart of our factory, while conducting full operations, and transformed into a new production hall including an office wing.

The entire refurbishment is somewhat akin to “open heart” surgery. Here we have to accomplish the feat of maintaining the entire production at current levels while still pushing ahead with the remodelling. Since this remodelling affects a central area of ​​our halls and traverses the entire company premises from west to east, the project requires the most exact planning, which we have been preparing for a year now.

We are certain that this project will also be a challenge for us in the next few months and for this very reason we are currently striving to avoid any bottlenecks as much as possible.

Should it, however, come to the “pinch” here or there, and we fall behind schedule on deliveries, we will naturally inform you in good time. At the moment, everything is going according to plan and the construction site is being set up.

We will keep you up to date on this project.

Structural refurbishment at Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld -