Progress: Always has been, always will be !

Setting technological courses in fixing and mounting technology is something we are used to. We have been doing this for more than 170 years. Today we are doing it as the leading manufacturer of screws in Austria.

Expert Quality, Industrial Capacity

The development and production of cold- and hot forming parts is our domain. Every day we deliver over 30 tons of screws to international customers in the areas of industry, whole sale and home improvement stores.  Our screw systems RAPID® and StarDrive GPR® set quality courses on the market. And today we focus more than ever on the future: with million Euros investments in production technology and know-how
Screw Technology in Wood Construction -

Screw Technology in Wood Construction

With a total of 160 employees the company produces the complete program of wood construction screws of 3 to 12 mm diameter, and of lengths of up to 1,5 meters.
Equipped with all technical approvals as well as CE / ETA in Austria, Schmid Schrauben supplies especially the whole sale with high-quality screws including customised packings. 
Custom Manufacturing für Industries -

Custom Manufacturing für Industries

Leading international industries acquire specifically constructed linking elments like screws and bolts from Schmid Schrauben: amongst them are manufacturers who are settled in the areas of building construction, civil engineering, metal fixing technology or ski binding technology. Modern conditions in the manufacturing of cold-flow components with a cutting post-processing do allow us to produce components like turned parts economically, high grade, and in a first class quality. 

Our Patents are you advance -

Our Patents are you advance

Countless patents make the difference between a Schmid-screw and a cheaply imported screw. Therefore create the difference between yourself and your competitors.