Field of application

Field of application

The right screw for your application from premium producer Schmid Schrauben
The right screw for every application. Our range includes screws for various fields of application such as timber construction, multi-purpose construction, wood-concrete-composite and window construction.

Wood Constructing- zoom
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Wood Constructing

The following screws are available for quality use in timber construction:


RAPID® Countersunk Head / RAPID® Washer Head
RAPID® Dual/ RAPID® SuperSenkFix
RAPID® Fullthread
RAPID® Terra A2 / RAPID® Hardwood
RAPID® T-Lift / RAPID® Top-2-Roof


StarDrive GPR®
/ StarDrive Fullthread
StarDrive partly threaded / StarDrive partly threaded
Panhead / StarDrive A2

Chipboard screws with partial thread / Chipboard screws with full thread / A2 metal screws

Connections Metall - Wood- zoom

Connections Metall - Wood

Schmid Schrauben offers some very interesting options for flat connectors, paneel strips etc. Expecially with predrilled holes the models RAPID® DUAL, RAPID® SuperSenkFix and StarDrive GPR PS® offer a tailormade solution. With the underhead shoulder of these screws Schmid Schrauben ensures a centered and perfect fit for the screw in the hole.

Partial threaded Screws


Fully threaded screws

StarDrive GPR PS®

Timber-Concrete composite system- zoom

Timber-Concrete composite system

The following screws are particularly suitable for wood-concrete composite projects:


Window construction- zoom

Window construction

The following screws are particularly suitable for window construction:

Wood windows
Mounting screws
Distance frame mounting screws

Plastic windows
Mounting screws

Multi-purpose construction- zoom

Multi-purpose construction

The following screws are particularly suitable for various applications in multi-purpose construction:

Multi-purpose screws with drill tip
A2 multi-purpose screws with drill tip
Lightweight building board screws
Drywall screws


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