Calculation service-

Calculation service

The best product is only worth half as much if it is used incorrectly or if there is uncertainty about exactly how the screws should be placed, what spacing is required and what loads can be verified for various projects. A calculation service that works quickly and easily and covers the most important questions is a great help here.

For us as a manufacturer, a suitable tool is a matter of course. As a result, we provide our customers with design software that can be used to quickly calculate projects.
We can currently offer a calculation service for our RAPID® Top-2-Roof, RAPID® T-Con and single screws. We are happy to provide you with support here. Registration is required to download the entire software.

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General single screw calculation

  • Axial
  • Shearing
  • Support reinforcement
  • Inclined screw
  • Screw cross, e.g. for CLT panel joints

RAPID® T-CON timber-concrete composite ceilings

  • From 50 mm concrete thickness
  • Calculation of underlaid / not underlaid ceilings
  • Concrete cracked / non-cracked
  • Bolted connection 45° / 90° or crosswise 45° / 135° and support 90° / 135°
  • Low-shrinkage concrete
  • The gusset-concrete weight is taken into account in the Dippelbaum cross-section

RAPID® Top-2-Roof roof and wall insulation

  • Verification of the counter batten incl. screw connection
  • Gabled and monopitch roofs
  • Wall insulation 90°
  • Screw types and predefined insulation materials can be selected or customised with your own insulation materials
  • The software takes into account national regulations

The basis is EC5 (EN 1995-1-1) with the calculation rules in ETA-12/0373 plus the published and currently recognised scientific principles. (Higher calculation values possible)


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