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RAPID® Komprex

Discontinued item - Successor - "the new RAPID"

RAPID® Komprex
screw rates highly due to its high pull-out resistance, fast screwing and energy saving screw driving.
It is available in sizes from 8x80 to 10x500 mm.

Double-start Thread

for quicker in-screwing times

Quicker in its bite

at reduced in-screw turning momentum

No pre-drill

reduces the processing time

Product features

RAPID® Komprex
Product features

1 | Milling pockets & head geometry

Milling pockets underneath the screw-head for an optimal countersinking:
  • smooth-working 
  • material preserving 
  • ideal also for metal fittings
Alternative Head Typ: Washer Head

2 | Friction part

The friction part reduces the in-screw resistance.

3 | Hi-Lo-Thread

According to leading technological standards: 
  • Hi-Lo-Thread for energy saving screwing with improved unscrewing values
  • Double-start thread for quicker in-screwing times

4 | Tip

Patented compactor tip:
  • Quicker in its bite at reduced in-screw turning momentum
  • reduced splitting effect 
  • no pre-drill necessary

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Application possibilities of RAPID® Komprex

Beam to columns joint

For this purpose, long partial threaded screws such as the RAPID® Komprex achieve best application results. Due to their double thread, the screwingin can be done in less time compared to other standard products.

Rafters and Rafters-doubling

Partial threaded screws trans-fer the windsuction and shear forces to the substructure via their screw heads. Washer head is recommended.

Doublings as reinforcements are possible on the top or side of the rafters.

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