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RAPID® SuperSenkFix

Discontinued item - Successor - "the new RAPID"

Due to necessities of production RAPID DUAL is still available in certain diameters and will be shipped till end of stock.

RAPID® SuperSenkFix
screws are distinguished by their innovative head geometry. They guarantee high pull-out values and allow for clean screwing without splitting and fraying.
They are available in sizes from 6x80 to 10x400mm.

Head geometry

Combination of a countersunk and washer head

BlueWin 700+ surface

greatly increased corrosion resistance

Coarse thread with sharp rolled flanks

for quick screwing

Product features

RAPID® SuperSenkFix
Product features

1 | Head geometry

  • Innovative combination of a countersunk and washer head
  • Easy tapping thanks to cutting cone ribs
  • Suitable for fittings
  • Clean screwing (no splitering and fraying of wood)
  • Higher oull-through values

2 | Friction part

The friction part reduces screwing resistance.

3 | Thread

Coarse thread:
  • With sharply rolled flanks all the way to the tip
  • Faster screwing

4 | Tip

Patented compactor tip:
  • Quicker bite for reduced fastening torque
  • Reduced split effect
  • No pre-drilling required

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BlueWin 700+ surface

The BlueWin 700+ surface is significantly more corrosion-resistant. In salt spray tests it lasts at least 700h before the first signs of red rust can be recorded.
Additionally the BlueWin 700+ surface is free of chromium VI and thus safe for health and environment.

Application possibilities of RAPID® SuperSenkFix

Elevated post base fixings

The RAPID® Dual or RAPID® SuperSenkFix screws with their rein-forced underhead-design are creating a centering effect, while also contributing best application results using together with metal sheets.

With 700 hours corrosion resistance the RAPID® SuperSenkFix offers a high level of safety.

In all weathered areas (service class 3) stainless steel or hot-dip-galvanised construction screws are recommended to use.

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