made in Austria

StarDrive GPR®

Die StarDrive GPR® is characterized by the quick screw connection and the low torque during fastening.
StarDrive GPR® is available in diameters Ø 4x30 bis 10x400 mm. Stainless steel: Ø 8x110, 8x120 und 8x140 mm. Further diameters on request.

various surfaces

yellow galvanised, BlueWin, stainless steel

coarse thread

with patented follower thread

alternative head shape

countersunk or washer head

Product features

StarDrive GPR®
Product features

1 | Head

Under head for optimal countersink:
  • Smooth
  • Gentle on material

Alternative head shape: Thanks to the washer cap head, no seperate use of washer is required:
  • assembly times
  • Improved pull-through values

2 | Friction part

The friction part reduces screwing resistance.

3 | Thread

Coarse thread including the patented follower thread:
  • Quicker screwing
  • Minimised blast effect
  • Lower torque during fastening

4 | Tip

Patented follower thread, rolled out to the tip:
  • No pre-drilling required

Alternative surfaces

StarDrive GPR® is available in yellow galvanised, BlueWin and stainless steel.

Advantages of stainless steel:
  • Absolute corrosion resistant
  • Ideal for every application outdoors, for example terraces, balconies, facades, fences or railings


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