RAPID® 2000

RAPID® 2000 -
The RAPID® 2000 screw offers a highest possible draw out resistance and a time- and energy saving screwing already in smaller measure ranges from 3 mm diameter !

specially hardened slide coatedYellWin 500+*
high firmness  reduces the in-screw resistance  high corrosion resistance

*Yellwin 500+ - our new galvanic zinc plating - Cr(VI)-free
Milling pockets -

Milling pockets

Milling pockets underneath the screw-head for an optimal countersinking
  • easily working
  • material preserving 
  • ideal also for metal fittings
End mill cutter -

End mill cutter

Reduces the in-screw resistance 
Double thread -

Double thread

Double thread with integrated syno with second thread milled to the point
  • minimised blast effect 
  • improved unscrewing values 
  • quicker screwing 
Point -


With 30° geometry
  • reduced splitting effect 
  • quicker in its bite 
  • no pre-drilling necessary 


Ø3x 16 to Ø6x 300mm