RAPID® Fullthread

RAPID® Fullthread -
High carrying capacity, excellent unscrew- and pressure values - this is what makes our RAPID® Fullthread the ideal partner at all wood constructions!

specially hardened slide coatedyellow galvanised 
  • high solidity 
  • reduces the in-screw resistance 
  • high corrosion resistance
Head-shape - Cylinder Head -

Head-shape - Cylinder Head

  • The cylinder head provides a reduced blast effect. Besides, it also enables a deep countersinking of the head. 
Head-Shape - Countersunk Head -

Head-Shape - Countersunk Head

  • The countersunk head is the ideal alternative for connections with steel components.
Half-Point with Compactor -

Half-Point with Compactor

With a patented half-point, partly combined with a compactor point.
  • reduced edge distance 
  • minimised blast effect 
  • improved period of the screwing device because of a 50% lower in-screwing momentum 
  • no pre-drilling necessary 
  • quick in its bite even at bevel joint screwing 
Dimensions -


  • 6x120 to 12x1000 mm