Ready for the future today

Ready for the future today -
The RAPID® Hardwood, from Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld, offers the first screw especially designed for the demands of working with hardwood.


specially hardenedlubricant coatingBluewin 700+
  • high strengh
  • reduces screw-in resistance
  • high corrosion resistance

* BlueWin 700+ is a special coating that provides more than 700 hours of protection against corrosion. (Based on salt mist spray test)

Milling pockets - Milling pockets

Milling pockets

Underhead milling pockets for optimum countersinking.
  • Smooth action
  • Gentle to materials
  • Also ideal for fittings
* Optionally available as a washer head
Straight friction section -

Straight friction section

The new patented straight friction section ensures low screw-in resistance
Thread -


The coarse thread with low flanks and increased core diameter ensures high screw strength under the high loads in hardwood.
Compression tip -

Compression tip

With 30° geometry
  • Reduced splitting
  • Faster bite
  • With compression tip
  • No pre-drilling necessary


Stocked sizes:
Ø8 x 120
Ø8 x 160 - also with washer head available
Ø8 x 200
Ø8 x 240

on request: Ø8 x 60 bis Ø8 x 240mm