RAPID® Komprex

RAPID® Komprex -
The RAPID® Komprex screw scores through a high unscrewing fixity, a quick in-screwing and an energy saving screw connecting.

specially hardened slide coatedYellWin 500+*
  • high firmness
  • reduces in-screw resistance 
  • high corrosion resistance 

*YellWin 500+ our new galvanic zinc plating - Cr(VI)-free
Milling pockets -

Milling pockets

Milling pockets underneath the screw-head for an optimal countersinking:
  • smooth-working 
  • material preserving 
  • ideal also for metal fittings
End mill cutter -

End mill cutter

  • The friction part reduces the in-screw resistance.
Hi-Lo-Thread -


According to leading technological standards: 
  • Hi-Lo-Thread for energy saving screwing with improved unscrewing values
  • Double-start thread for quicker in-screwing times
Compactor point -

Compactor point

Patented compactor point:
  • Quicker in its bite at reduced in-screw turning momentum
  • reduced splitting effect 
  • no pre-drill necessary
Alternative Head-shape -

Alternative Head-shape

The wheel-head spares us the separate use of wheels:
  • Shorter mounting periods 
  • Raised rim hole values 


Ø8x 80 to Ø10x 500mm