RAPID® SuperSenkFix

RAPID® SuperSenkFix -
The RAPID® SuperSenkFix combines the advantages of a countersunk head with those of a washer head – for clean tapping without fraying and high torque values!

specially hardenedslide coatedBlueWin 700+ surface
  • high firmness
  • reduces in-screw resistance
  • Greatly increased corrosion resistance: up to 700h resistance to red rust in salt spray test
  • CrVI free surface
Combi-head -


  • Innovative combination of a countersunk head and a washer head
  • Easy tapping thanks to cutting cone ribs
  • Suitable for fittings
  • Clean screwing (no splintering and fraying of wood)
  • Higher penetration values
End mill cutter -

End mill cutter

  • The friction part reduces insertion resistance.
Coarse thread -

Coarse thread

Coarse threaded
  • with sharp rolled flanks
    right to the tip
  • for faster screwing
Compactor tip -

Compactor tip

Patented compactor tip:
  • Quicker bite for reduced
    fastening torque
  • Reduced split effect
  • No pre-drilling required


Ø6x 80 to Ø10x 400mm
more dimensions on request