RAPID® T-Con -
RAPID® T-Con - Highest quality for timber-concrete composite systems

RedWin - surface
  • highly improved corrosion restistance
  • special purpose - special colour: RedWin screws distinctively belong to the timber-concrete composite system
**NEW** Calculation software for timber-concrete composite
Dual Head -

Dual Head

  • Better force transmission with hex drive possible - important for especially hard wood used for the refurbishment of old buildings
  • The commercially available TX drive saves you time-consuming tool change
Screw-in marker -

Screw-in marker

  • The friction part serves as a handy marker for the residual length which has to protrude from the wood.
Coarse Thread -

Coarse Thread

Coarse thread including follower thread, rolled out to the tip:
  • Quicker screwing
  • Smaller penetration torque
Follower thread -

Follower thread

  • patented follower thread for a minimised blast effect
  • 35° tip for fast bite - especially with 45° tilt