RAPID® Top-2-Roof

RAPID® Top-2-Roof -
RAPID® Top-2-Roof - optimum geometry for the attachment of roof insulation!

specially hardened slide coatedBlueWin-surface
  • high firmness
  • reduces in-screw resistance 
  • high corrosion resistance 

Roof insulation
  • Can absorb shear and compressive forces, especially in roof insulation
  • By absorbing compressive forces, the insulation material is pressed significantly
    less to the background, thereby improving the insulation performance
  • The second threaded part beneath the screw head enables the counter batten to be
    fixed optimally
Cylinder head -

Cylinder head

  • Minimised blast effect
  • The head can penetrate deeply
  • Improved power transmission
    thanks to higher driving depth
End mill cutter -

End mill cutter

  • The friction part reduces
    screwing resistance.
Coarse thread -

Coarse thread

Coarse threaded, including the patented follower thread,
that reaches the tip:
  • Quicker screwing
  • Minimised blast effect
  • Lower torque during
Follower thread tip -

Follower thread tip

Patented follower thread, that reaches the tip:
  • Minimised blast effect
  • No pre-drilling required