Crossrail Station Canary Wharf

Crossrail Station Canary Wharf

UKs biggest Timber Construction*

The impressive wooden roof of the Crossrail Train station in the business district Canary Wharf in London was finished at the end of March 2014.

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Facts, figures & volumes

Architct: Foster & Partners
Timber Construction: WIEHAG Holding GmbH
Location: Canary Wharf, London
Length of timber construction: 300 m
Main girders: 1000 pcs
100.000 RAPID® Fullthread screws
Finished: End of March 2014

The train station consists of six floors, of which four of them standing in the water of a sidearm of the Thames.

For the planning, structural engineering and design of the 300m long wooden construction the austrian timber specialist Wiehag was responsible. Wiehag relies on the quality of Schmid Schrauben already for many years.

For the spectacular roof, more than 1.000 timber girders were bolted with over 100.000 RAPID® Fullthread screws.

According to Wiehag this train station is currently the largest timber construction of the British Empire.

The station should be completed in 2018 and will connect Heathrow Airport with East London. For the impressive architecture, the planning office Foster & Partners was responsible.

*as of 2014


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