Top Mountain Crosspoint

Top Mountain Crosspoint

– modern wooden architecture in the alpine highlands

Building under the extreme conditions of high alpine regions is regarded as an achievement in planning – the “Top Mountain Crosspoint” in the Tyrolean Hochgurgl, directly on the border between Italy and Austria, is a successful example of how the conflicting demands between disturbing a natural alpine region and meeting the needs of alpine tourism can be reconciled.

The multifunctional building that has been created, at a height of 2,200 metres above sea level, not only makes for headline news, it also presented significant challenges for the architects, planners and contractors. But a trip to the Ötztal region is no longer just an attraction for winter sports enthusiasts. Now those interested in architecture can also come and be amazed by this state-of-the-art building. Its stunning design alone already attracts attention from far and wide, but the building also offers four tourist attractions: combining Europe′s highest motorcycle museum, over an area of ​​6,060 m², with the valley station for the new Kirchenkar gondola lift and the new Timmelsjoch toll station, as well as an exclusive restaurant with panoramic terrace, which includes 280 indoor and 380 outdoor seats.
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Facts, figures & volumes

Architect: Michael Brötz
Timber construction: Rubner Holzbau Ober-Grafendorf, Österreich
Location: Ötztal, Tyrol, Austria
Space: 6.060 m2
Finalized: 2018

In collaboration with renowned experts in timber construction, Rubner Holzbau and architect Michael Brötz, the joint clients, Alban and Attila Scheiber, managing directors of the Liftgesellschaft Hochgurgl lift company, have developed a multi-functional building of architectural significance. The curved natural lines of “Top Mountain Crosspoint” that blend so well into the surroundings are truly impressive. “Inspired by curving ski tracks and snow covered slopes, we wanted to merge the traditional shape of alpine houses with timeless modern architecture,” explains Michael Brötz. “Therefore, the Restaurant part of the building, when viewed from the front, has a double pitched roof, which then tapers off in a swoop over the cable car hall in the direction of the western facing part of the building, which houses the toll station on the ground floor and the motorcycle museum on the upper floor.”

Within this project, Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld, has also been able to demonstrate its specialist expertise in high quality timber connection solutions. Our factory in Hainfeld is the preferred supplier to Rubner Holzbau for the screw fastenings for glulam construction elements.


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