StarDrive GPR®

StarDrive GPR® -
The StarDrive GPR® is the classic multi-purpose screw for wood constructing - high-class, fast and reliable !

specially hardened slide-coatedyellow galvanised 
  • high solidity
  • reduces the screw-in resistance
  • high corrosion resistance
Mill Ribs -

Mill Ribs

Mill rips underneath the screw-head for an optimal countersinking of the screw.
  • smooth working 
  • materail preserving 
  • also ideal for metal fittings
End Mill Cutter -

End Mill Cutter

  • The friction part reduces the in-screw resistance.
Coarse Pitch Thread -

Coarse Pitch Thread

Coarse pitch thread incl. joined-thread, rolled out to the point:
  • quicker screwing 
  • minimised blast effect 
  • reduced turning momentum at in-screwing process 
Joined Thread -

Joined Thread

Patented joined thread, rolled out to its point:
  • minimised blast effect 
  • no pre-drilling necessary