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Schmid offers 13 new RAPID® Fullthread diameters

The continuing boom in wood construction also brings with it new demands from processors. For this reason, Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld has significantly expanded its portfolio and thus offers processors even more options in the daily use of the high-quality RAPID® fully threaded screws.

New production engines for Schmid Schrauben

Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld continues to invest in the future of the site. In the second half of 2020, two new production machines found a new home in the halls of Schmid Schrauben. The two machines are a RWT-30 roller mill and an EWMENN profile and flat rolling machine. Both machines produce screws from a diameter of 6 mm and will form a significant part of the Schmid portfolio in the coming years. We see an extremely high demand especially in the 8 mm - 12 mm screw range due to the strong

3D Print at Schmid Schrauben

3D printing is on everyone’s lips, and it has even found its way into our living rooms in some small form. In the industrial sector, the solutions are now very sophisticated and the possibilities in terms of production and materials are many and varied. With the new 3D printers, Schmid Schrauben offers additional possibilities for its customers and thus broadens its portfolio of manufacturing options. 3D printing is suitable for the following areas:     Small series    Large series of

Trade fair calendar

Our trade fair calendar contains all trade fairs and events Schmid Schrauben will take part in the future.

COVID-19 face protection

High-quality face protection for all applications with low safety distance (below 2 meters). Protects eyes, nose and mouth. Various areas: Construction site, industry, trade and health.

Technical screw manual

More than 175 years of knowledge about complex and challenging timber connection solutions are included in this manual. The manual has been written by Di Dr. Markus Wallner-Novak in cooperation with DI Dr. Johann Scheibenreiter and serves as a tool of 130 pages specific knowledge in fastening technology. The manual consists of structural principles as well as other topics about the load behaviour of axial tension and compression loaded screws as well as lateral loadings. The manual also shows


Just how much innovation it is possible to discover in an old established and, at first glance, quite mundane product has recently been demonstrated by Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld, with its RAPID® Hardwood screw, for which the company recently gained the Lower Austrian Innovation Award, in the Large and Medium-Sized Enterprise category. Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld developed RAPID® Hardwood in a joint research project with research institutions and related companies over a period of 2.5 years,

Welcome to Schmid Schrauben

In early September 2019 we welcomed our new apprentices to the team. We at Schmid Schrauben make sure that our apprentices are able to gain diverse experience and that they are challenged and supported at the same time. Completing apprenticeship training at Schmid Schrauben not only provides the apprentice with expert knowledge but also the opportunity for personal development and to gain social skills. At the Hainfeld location a total of five apprentices have started their training in

Schmid offers cooperative study programme

Smart Engineering of Production Technologies and Processes Schmid Schrauben is a partner of the network of the St. Pölten GmbH University of Applied Science’s extra-occupational Smart Engineering of Production Technologies and Processes programme. Students in the Smart Engineering of Production Technologies and Processes programme deal with the following focal topics: Industry 4.0Process managementMan-machine interactionIndustrial securityDigitisationThis programme’s target audience is:

Sustainable apprentice excursion to Brantner Österreich GmbH

The first excursion of 2019 took place in the spring. Together with their trainers, our apprentices from Sales and Trades went to Brantner Österreich GmbH, a recycling and logistics company located in Krems, where it was founded.


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