We're adjusting the right screws together for more sustainability

We're adjusting the right screws together for more sustainability

At Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld, we not only emphasise high-quality products for our customers, but also show that production and sustainability can go hand in hand. That is why we are committed to various initiatives that promote and improve our sustainability.

Our mission
We see it as our responsibility to do our bit to tackle climate change and create a sustainable future for generations to come. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of significantly reducing our CO2 emissions.

Emissions analysis & emissions reduction- zoom

Emissions analysis & emissions reduction

We have thoroughly analysed our current CO2 emissions
to identify the main sources.

We are focussing on energy efficiency and renewable energies to
reduce our emissions. Our goal is to optimise energy consumption
in our processes and offices.

  •     Electricity from 100 % renewable energy.
  •     700 kWp high-performance PV system.
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Sustainable procurement

A product can only be as sustainable as its individual components taken together. The Schmid Schrauben "Supplier Code of Conduct" aims to organise business relationships along the supply chain in accordance with ecological, social and ethical standards.

  •     Switch to "Green Steel".
  •     Of our active suppliers (as of 2023), 99% are from Europe, 68% of them from Austria.
Resource efficiency- zoom

Resource efficiency

We focus on recycling, reuse and minimising water consumption in our processes.

  • Our hardening furnaces are equipped with an equalising basin for heat treatment, which reduces the amount of water required for cooling by up to 300 m³ per day.
  • The new heat pumps heat the Hainfeld production site with the waste heat from the hardening furnaces.
  • Our reverse osmosis system purifies the waste water and reduces the need for detergent by 6 tonnes per year.
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Product and transport packaging made of cardboard

Our screws are not only sustainable in their purpose, but also in their packaging. We use cardboard for more than 95 % of our product packaging. The transport packaging is also made from cardboard. Even the filling material in the shipping cartons comes from recycled transport cartons. This means that none of our cardboard is wasted.
Recycling of product packaging-Cleaning used packagingCleaning used packaging zoom
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In order for the packaging to be reused, it must be thoroughly cleaned and old labels removed.

Recycling of product packaging

For our extra-long RAPID® fully threaded screws (from a length of 500 mm), high-quality plastic sleeves are used as packaging.
In order to take responsibility for our packaging in this area too, we have started a co-operation with our customers. Our packaging is returned to us by our customers. This allows us to recycle and reuse it.
Raising awareness- zoom
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Raising awareness

We inform and sensitise our employees and stakeholders
and our stakeholders about sustainable practices in order to
make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

  • Internal workshops and events with keynote speakers on topics relating to sustainability.
  • Green spaces to promote biodiversity ("Nature in the garden", "We for bees").
  • Projects with external partners such as EcoPlus (Lower Austrian Business Agency), Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich, etc.
  • Conversion of the vehicle fleet to e-cars.
Environmental Product Declaration- zoom

Environmental Product Declaration

Another key topic is our first EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). An EPD can be used to visualise the CO2 values of a screw from production to disposal.
In order to create sustainable supply chain management and fulfil international supply chain laws, we are cooperating with external specialists (available from Q4/2024).


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