Quality with passion

Quality with passion

We do not only sell screws, we are producing them: according to certificate quality norms, in series production as well as in customised production. That means: We do not only have it in our hand what we promise you - but also how we keep it.

European technical approval- zoom

European technical approval

Quality for the European league : RAPID®- and StarDrive GPR®- screws fulfill the European technical admission ETA.

The building construction guiding rule for EU member states defines quality standards which are worldwide leading. The European Technical Admission (ETA) provides the proof that screws of the series Rapid and StarDrive GPR® come up to this quality level: 
  • With lower minimum distances of the screws to the ply wood board. 
  • With lower minimum distances of screws between each other.
  • With especially favourable untightening values of screws.
  • With the possibility of diagonal screw fitting amongst others.
ETA certifies that quality and safety which comes up to European standards. It is authorised European wide and additionally applies for those general building-authority approvals, as they are fulfilled by RAPID®- and StarDrive GPR®-screws throughout.
Voluntary external monitoring by Holzforschung Austria- zoom

Voluntary external monitoring by Holzforschung Austria

The Schmid screw product lines RAPID® and StarDrive GPR® are certified by Holzforschung Austria. Since quality comes first, our products are also tested outside of Schmid Screws. You can find the certification of Holzforschung Austria below.
Constantly high quality of Schmid screws for your constant image as a quality supplier.- zoom

Constantly high quality of Schmid screws for your constant image as a quality supplier.

Our company is quality, enviroment and energy certified. We do not only set high quality levels internally but do also ensure that we geht audited regularly.

This is to ensure that our products fullfil a consistend high quality level. Further more we also keep in mind the respectful use of ressources and treatment of our enviroment. Not just for us but also for our children.


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