The turning point 1993-

The turning point 1993

The year 1993 can be seen as the big turning point in the history of Schmid Schrauben. After economically challenging year the the company went bancrupt. At was the common success of employees, new owners and politicians that the production survived this crisis.

Start into a better future
After family Schmid resigned from the operating business the company needed a restructure and mastered as the new "Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld GmbH" to start to growing again. This new growth also came due to the focus on a new market segment "the timber construction screw". This refocus was the base of todays strengh.

Always one step ahead
From 2008 Schmid Schrauben forced the business within the own company by the acquisition of new machines, amongst them a 5-axis turning-milling machinery systems and turning systems as well as the extension and new construction of the logistics center with more than 6.000 palettes spots in order to be able to supply customers even more quickly and more efficiently.


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