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RAPID® Fullthread

RAPID® Fullthread stands for the highest quality in the fullthread assortment and is available with cylinder and countersunk heads.
RAPID® Fullthread is available in diameters 8x120 bis 12x1000 mm.


patented with compactor

Variant stainless steel

absolute corrosion resistant

Improved service life of the screwing device

thanks to 50 percent lower fastening torque

Product features

RAPID® Fullthread
Product features

1 | Head geometry

Cylinder head:
    • Reduced split effect
    • Deep countersinking of the head is possible
    Countersunk head:
    • Ideal for connecting steel components

    2 | Thread

    Full thread optimised for more efficient screwing:
    • Excellent pull-out values
    • Excellent pressure values
    • Maximum load-bearing capacity

    3 | Tip

    With patented half-tip, partially combined with compactor tip:
    • Reduced edge distance
    • Minimised blast effect
    • Improved service life of the screwing device thanks to 50 percent lower fastening torque
    • No pre-drilling required
    • Quick bite even when drilling in inclined position

    RAPID® Fullthread is available in follow variants:
    • YellWin 500+
    • ZincNickel
    • Stainless steel

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    Application possibilities of RAPID® Vollgewinde

    Support reinforcement with sheet steel for load distribution

    The pressure will be transferred to the sheet steel by the screw heads. And from there, the pressure is equal transferred distributed onto the end grain.

    Reinforcement of break-throughs

    Long fullthread screws with cylinder head are exactly positioned with long bits.

    Joint of secondary beam to column (main beam) with cross-wise screwings

    Values for calculation and positioning od the screws are listed in our data sheets.

    Tip: At first, use of washer head screws for a tightly closed joint.
    The higher the screwcross is arran-ged, the more critical is that area and a reinforcement of the grain tensile stress perpendicular to the grain is required.

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