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RAPID® Hardwood

RAPID® Hardwood is the first to offer a hardwood screw fitting without pre-drilling.
It is available in the sizes Ø 8x120 mm, Ø 8x160 mm, Ø 8x200 mm, Ø 8x240 mm. Further dimensions upon request.

World technological first

without pre-drilling

Higher core diameter

higher tensile strength

Compactor tip


90° countersunk head
  • Underhead milling pockets for optimal countersinking
  • Easy to move and gentle on material
  • Also ideal for fittings
Washer head
  • Eliminates the need to use a separate washer —reduced
  • assembly times
  • Higher pull-through values

Straight friction part
  • The new, patented friction part greatly reduces screw-in resistance
  • Less effort required to screw in
  • Faster screwing processes
  • Improved battery life for screwdriver

Single thread
  • Minimised blast effect
  • High pull-out values even in coniferous timber
  • Values 3-4x higher than coniferous timber

Patented compressor tip

  • Screw drills better
  • Reduced blast effect
  • No pre-drilling in hard woods and LVL-beech

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Highlights of the product

The Rapid® Hardwood is the first screw ETA-approved for all hard woods without pre-drilling, both for screwing in side and end timber (90° bis 0°) and for screw fittings in the narrow edge of laminated veneer beech lumber.

The unique RAPID® Hardwood makes full loads possible regardless of whether the timber was pre-drilled. However, if you pre-drill with ø max. 6.5 mm screws, the RAPID® Hardwood’s screw-in torque will be reduced by 2/3 and the screw distances will be much smaller.
  • One step operation saves time
  • ETA approval
  • Low impact on materials
  • Higher core diameter - so that the tensile strength for 8 mm is comparable with conventional 10 mm wood screw

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