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RAPID® T-Con offers the highest quality for the wood-concrete-composite system. The quality surface RedWin is unmistakably part of the combination of wood and concrete.
RAPID® T-Con is available in diameters 8x155, 8x205 mm erhältlich. Further diameters on request (up to 8x300 mm).

higher corrosion resistance

RedWin surface

fast bite

especially with 45° tilt

Screw-in marker

for the residual length

Product features

Product features

1 | Head geometry

  • Better force transmission with hex drive possible - important for espacially hard wood used for the refurbishment of old buildings
  • The commercially available time-consuming tool change

2 | Friction part and screw-in marker

The friction part serves as a handy marker for the residual length which has to protrude from the wood.

3 | Thread

Coarse thread:
  • Quicker screwing
  • Minimised blast effect
  • Lower torque during fastening

4 | Tip

With patented follower thread, rolled out to the tip. 35° tip for fast bite especially with 45° tilt.

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Calculation software for timber-concrete composite systems

Vibration classes and behaviour:
  • Exclusive to Schmid: Consideration of vibration behaviour - for more comfort and convenience in living areas
  • Exclusive to Schmid: different vibration classes for residential and industrial buildings
Fire protection classes:
  • Exclusive to Schmid: Consideration of required fire protection classes for more safety

Flexible parameter settings and clear visual representation:
  • Flexible parameter setting for your individual projects and simultaneous rapid checking of the effect a parameter change may have on the project: ceiling openings for chimneys or stairways, input of point load, extension to include CLT (cross laminated and glue laminated timber)
  • Clear visual representation of the screw arrangement - also convenient for printing

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