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RAPID® Top-2-Roof

RAPID® Top-2-Roof provides the optimum geometry for mounting on-roof insulation.
RAPID® Top-2-Roof is available in diameters 8x240 bis 8x450 mm erhältlich. Further diameters on request.

Dual threaded

optimal for on-roof insulation

Cylinder head

for deeply penetrate

Patented follower thread tip

for fast screwing

Cylinder head
  • Reduced blast effect
  • Head is able to countersink deep into material
  • Improved force transfer thanks to deeper drive

Coarse thread
  • Coarse thread including patented follower thread, rolled out to the tip
  • Faster screwing processes
  • Lower screw-in torque
  • No pre-drilling necessary

Friction part
  • Reduces the screw-in resistance by reaming the wood around the shaft

Follower thread tip
  • Ensures that screw drills quickly with low blast effect

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Roof insulation systems

  • Approved for hard and soft insulation
  • Optimal for non-pressure-resistant (soft) insulation
  • Especially for on-roof insulation: Absorbs thrust and compression forces
  • The absorption of compression forces causes the insulation not to be pressed into the substrate nearly as much, which improves insulating capacity
  • The second threaded part underneath the screw head keeps the counter batten optimally fixed in place

  • Counter batten verification incl. screwing
  • Gabled and monopitch roofs
  • Wall insulation 90°

Calculation software for roof insulation systems

  • Easy and intuitive to operate - the EXCEL table calculation program does not require any special software knowledge
  • Takes much less time to calculate
  • Screw types and pre-defined insulations can be selected or you can customise by adding your own insulation
  • The software takes national regulations into account and is available in German, English, French and Italian

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