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RAPID® Top-2-Roof

RAPID® Top-2-Roof provides the optimum geometry for mounting on-roof insulation.
RAPID® Top-2-Roof is available in diameters 8x240 bis 8x450 mm erhältlich. Further diameters on request.

Dual threaded

optimal for on-roof insulation

Cylinder head

for deeply penetrate

Patented follower thread tip

for fast screwing

Product features

RAPID® Top-2-Roof
Product features

1 | Head geometry

Cylinder head:
  • Minimised blast effect
  • The head can penetrate deeply
  • Improved power transmission thanks to higher driving depth

2 | Thread

Coarse threaded, including the patented follower thread, that reaches the tip:
  • Quicker screwing
  • Minimised blast effect
  • Lower torque during fastening
  • No pre-drilling required

3 | Friction part

The friction part reduces screwing resistance.

4 | Tip

Patented follower thread up to the screw tip for a quick bite.

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Roof insulation systems

The RAPID® Top-2-Roof is used in roof insulation. The screw has clear advantages for this application:
  • Can absorb shear and compessive force, especially in roof insulation
  • By absorbing compressive forces, the insulation material is pressed significantly less to the background, thereby improving the insulation performance
  • The second threaded part beneath the screw head enables the counter batten to be fixed optimally

Calculation software for roof insulation systems

For our RAPID® Top-2-Roof we offer an easy-to-use calculation software.
Within the software, the screw types and the predefined insulation materials can be selected. In addition, the insulating materials can be individually expanded.
The software solution takes into account national regulations.
The application for calculating rooftop systems is available in the download center.

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