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Innovation can be so easy

The new and copletely reworked RAPID® combines the advantages of the existing Rapid® 2000, RAPID® Komprex, RAPID® SuperSenkFix and RAPID® Dual. Already starting with the smallest diameter of Ø3 mm the RAPID® provides highest-possible pullout resistance combined with time and energy saving inscrewing!

The new RAPID® combines 20years of experience in producing build-proof timber construction screws. The addional voluntary external inspection by "Holzforschung Austria" ensures that you will always receive a product in 100% accordance to our declaration of performance.

Four head typs one thread

Suitable for every purpose

Highest technical values

Reworked heads with proven T-drive
  • Robust T-drive for optimum power transfer
  • Length indicated on screw head from Ø 6 mm, countersunk head and Dual from Ø 8 mm

Straight friction part

  • The innovation in hardwood screw development
  • The effort required is greatly minimised thanks to much lower screw-in resistance from the friction part
  • Longer battery life for screwdrive

Updated HiLo-thread
  • Dual threads with high and low flanks
  • Time savings thanks to accelerated screwing processes – compared to conventional wood building screws
  • Increased screwing tool battery life thanks to lower screw-in resistance
Newly patented tip with ridged core and grooved thread
  • Saves time by biting instantly and precisely
  • Significantly lower cracking effects in comparison with conventional timber construction screws
  • Reduces cracking effect and screw-in resistance thanks to cutting function



Above-average corrosion protection and very efficient effective anti-friction coating.
  • RAPID® Countersunk head and RAPID® Washer head - YellWin 500+
  • RAPID® SuperSenkFix - BlueWin 700+
  • RAPID® Dual - BlueWin
Stainless steel version available upon request.

RAPID® partial thread - applications


Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) - ceiling panel screwed to the walls with RAPID® SuperSenkFix. Schmid screws are approved for all applications in side and
end wood (0° and 90°) as well as CLT side faces and narrow edges.

Corner and wall screw connections are pulled tightly together and securely screwed with RAPID® SuperSenkFix.


Doubling for reinforcement is usually done on the top or side of the rafter.

Partial thread screws transfer the wind suction load and shear forces to the
substructure through the screw heads.


RAPID® Dual-, RAPID® SuperSenkFix- and StarDrive GPR® post screws are optimal
for metal sheets and shaped sheet metal parts.
These screws have an underhead shoulder which allows them to be optimally centred and to fit perfectly in the metal.

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