made in Austria

StarDrive GPR® Post screw

The StarDrive GPR® post screw is a full thread screw that expands our proven StarDrive GPR® assortment. The StarDrive GPR® post screw is specially designed for metal/wood connections. The underhead shoulder guarantees a perfect fit in the metal. The zinc nickel 1000+ surface is the ideal complement to hot-dip galvanised metal parts and is also suitable for use in demanding conditions. StarDrive GPR® PS is available from Ø 8x40 - 8x60 mm.

Metal-wood connections

Zinc nickel 1000+ surface

Full thread

Washer head
  • The washer head eliminates the need to use a separate washer
  • Reduced assembly times - higher pull-through values

Underhead shoulder
Centres the screw and guarantees a secure fit in the metal

Thread, tip
  • Coarse thread including patented follower thread, rolled out to the tip
  • Faster screwing processes
  • Minimised blast effect
  • Lower screw-in torque
  • No pre-drilling necessary


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