In the end, success stems from extraordinary achievements – and fastening technology is no exception. Our well-equipped Custom Manufacturing Department supplies individually designed and refined fastening elements, individual tools for your optimised production and individual packaging with your logo.

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Reliable know-how protection
For us, the know-how you invest in your custom-made fastening technology is a substantial value base. Just like you: That’s why we optimally protect it and treat it with corresponding discretion.

Custom fastening elements

Custom geometry or custom lengths, modified or freshly designed from the ground up: We produce screw and non-screw connections just for you and your process requirements.

Our wide range of custom elements harbours lots of opportunities for our customer: Some innovative projects are only made possible with innovative fastening technology. Or by reducing processing times for your product or service – and thus, increasing efficiency and competitiveness – by means of customised fastening technology.

Drawing on experienced specialist personnel, state-of-the-art fastening technology know-how and the manifold possibilities of metal fabrication, we implement what is technically possible: Modifying existing DIN standard screws, standard connections and even designing new products.

Development, prototyping, testing
We will accompany you personally during the development of your custom screw or non-screw connection. When entering new areas of fastening technology together, we thoroughly test the result by means of initial samples and prototypes. This saves you and your customers all risks and provides planning reliability for your production.

We make your custom fastening elements at the high quality you expect from Schmid Schrauben and supply (and store) them as flexible as ever.
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Blue chrome coating
Available with or without chromium VI. Light blue hue, weak corrosion protection.

Yellow chrome coating
A popular choice thanks to its good and relatively cost efficient corrosion protection. However, this product is no longer approved for all applications due to its chromium VI content. Often the colour appears irregular.

Black chrome coating
Medium corrosion protection, available with and without chromium VI.

This method is most often used on steel to increase its corrosion protection. Coats of poorly soluble phosphates are applied to the pickled material. Depending on the type we distinguish between iron, zinc and manganese phosphating. Phosphating itself delivers only temporary corrosion protection. Often, it’s used as a base coat for other coatings as it improves the adhesion of further coats.

Custom refinement

Choose from many different refinement options

Galvanising protects your screw or fastening element from corrosion. The zinc coat itself, however, is exposed to white rust over time. Using expertly applied after-treatments such as a chrome coating, the formation of white rust can be delayed.

Hot-tip galvanising
We perform hot-tip galvanising in-house. In this process, a solid zinc coating is applied to the workpiece by dipping it into a molten mass with a temperature of 450°C. This method is particularly suited for small parts and one-offs. Irregularities in the zinc coat cannot be ruled out entirely.

In a rotating drum, the workpiece’s material bonds with the zinc powder at temperatures between 320°C and 500°C. This method delivers a very even zinc coat and thus, a particularly sturdy corrosion protection.

Zinc plating
During the zinc plating process the material is dipped in a zinc electrolyte bath. The coat’s thickness is proportional to the strength and duration of the voltage flow.

Chrome coating
Chrome coating is a step most often performed after galvanising. If possible, we prefer chromium VI free coatings that are non-damaging to health and environment.

Transparent chrome coating
Free of chromium VI, but provides only limited corrosion protection.
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Custom packaging

The power of brands – well packed
Packaging bearing your logo at the wholesaler’s, well though-out packaging and self-service systems at the building centre: Thus, Schmid Schrauben helps your brand unleash its full potential.

With many different versions to choose from – from boxes made from environmentally friendly natural cardboard to plastic bags – and with intelligent and user-friendly designs, Schmid Schrauben packaging conveys sustainable quality and customer-orientation.

Packaging with your logo
Individual packaging design / your logo printed on make every Schmid screw your screw and turn Schmid Schrauben’s quality advantage into your quality advantage.

1. Various folding options are available (opening type, with/without chute)
2. Environmentally friendly – print an environmental protection label onto your packaging
3. Your individual print – colour and layout tailored to your requirements
4. Labels tailored to your requirements

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