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Rapid 2000

Discontinued item - Successor - "the new RAPID"

RAPID® 2000
screw offers the largest possible pull-out resistance, even in small dimensional sizes from Ø3 mm, as well as time and energy savings when screwing.

Double thread

Minimised blast effect

Milling pockets

for optimal countersink

Countersunk head


Product features

RAPID® 2000
Product features

1 | Head geometry

Underhead milling pockets for optimal countersink:
  • Smooth
  • Gentle on material
  • Also ideal for fittings

2 | Friction part

The friction part reduces screwing resistance.

3 | Thread

Double thread with integrated notch, recessed second thread turn rolled out to the tip:
  • Minimised blast effect
  • Improved pull-out values
  • Quicker screwing

4 | Tip

With 30° geometry
  • Reduced split effect
  • Quicker bite
  • No pre-drilling required

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