individuality at projects-

individuality at projects

Create new values with new ideas.

Your customer or your project requires new ideas, specific designs in fixing technology or in the production ? Our special custom-made manufacturing in fixing technology and tool design and construction are available for you: We develop for you or we realise your plan drawings in high quality.

individuality in timber construction

There is not always THE only correct solution for a problem. In the end there are many ways how to get the job done. Of course this is also true for timber construction. No matter if it is a new building, renovation or huge timber constructions; there are always new ideas about solvion problems and there are also myn fixing solutions we are able to offer.

Just ask us for the best possible solution and we will do our best to assist you.

individuality in trade

Today it is all about customer experience. the customer wants to find the product he needs easily and without searching too long. Basically in DIY it is all about finding the right product easily and fast than online where I can not see and touch the product before purchasing.

With tailormade concepts Schmid Schrauben helps you to get people to you store and let them go home again satisfied.

it is all about the presentation at POS and availability

individuality for industrial parts

Leading international companys get their individually produced solutions from Schmid Schrauben. No matter if it is a screw, bold, nut or any other cold forming parts.
We do serve various industries from timber constrution to fittings and even components for skies as produced in our factory.
Modern production lines for cold forming including leading final processing give us the opportunity to produce many partys economically in europe. Quality at reasonalble prices - made by Schmid Schrauben.


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