Schmid Schrauben screw manual - the must have tool for technicians-

Schmid Schrauben screw manual - the must have tool for technicians

More than 175 years of knowledge about complex and challenging timber connection solutions are included in this manual. The manual has been written by Di Dr. Markus Wallner-Novak in cooperation with DI Dr. Johann Scheibenreiter and serves as a tool of 130 pages specific knowledge in fastening technology.

The manual consists of structural principles as well as other topics about the load behaviour of axial tension and compression loaded screws as well as lateral loadings. The manual also shows examples of how to use and calculate screws. It is also the basis on how to use the easy working calculation tools and how to lead evidence for our partially and fully thread screws.

Besides the “classic” technical manual you may also order the special on “Hardwood” incl. many kinds of high load capacity wood products as “Baubuche”.

The price for the manuals will be € 30,-- for both manuals incl. shipment.

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