UK CA at Schmid Schrauben-

UK CA at Schmid Schrauben

With the Brexit many old structures have changed and new legal requirements have been implemented.

One of these new requirements is the UK CA mark which refers to a mandatory declaration requirement for goods sold in the UK market. The UK CA mark is declaring that the marked product fullfills the requirements of the british legisalation and is replacing the CE mark in the UK market. The start of UK CA was defind with the 1.1.2021 but there is a transition periode till the end of 2024.

Inplementation at Schmid Schrauben already 2022

With the introduction of the UK CA mark for its products RAPID®, StarDrive GPR, StarDrive and SP Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld takes a leading position as one of the very first screw manufactures in Europe.

Belonging documents for UK CA are available at our download center in the section of our ETA. (registration required)


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